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Проект Устава Конституционно-Демократической Партии

Вт Июл 28 2015, 02:54 автор Molodetz


Конституционно-демократической партии еРоссии (Constitutional Democrats)

Авторы: nimnul, Molodetz


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Manifesto - 1 Президент России(англ.)

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Manifesto - 1 Президент России(англ.)

Сообщение  Alexandr the Great в Вт Апр 20 2010, 23:14

Government Report - 12/14/08

Hello comrades of the Soviet Union,

Here is an overview of past, present, and future developments for our Socialist Union extending for most of December.

Government Elections Results and Disputed Voting

The first elections for the offices of the government of the Soviet Union, including positions in the Council of Peoples' Commissars and State Economic Directors, have been unfortunately marked with fraud, cheating, and manipulations.
The disputed elections are for the Commissar of Foreign Affairs and Commissar of Defense. In both cases, multi-accounts, imported votes, and accounts with no verifiable eRepublik profile were used to manipulate the elections. In our election fraud investigation, we found only 38 of the 58 votes belonged to legitimate citizens of the USSR or Russians in Norway. 10 of the votes are verified multi-accounts (all had the same IP address), and 10 of the votes are from un-verified and non-existent eRepublik accounts.

We have no direct proof on who was directly behind the election fraud, or to what extent the candidates had on the fraudulent results. Therefore, we are lacking any direct means of charging suspected candidates of election fraud and thereby disqualifying them from the ballot (although we all have some fairly good inclinations on who is behind it).
We do know for sure, however, that Citizen Travis - opponent of Mombassa in the race for the Commissariat of Defense position - [3:url=http://soviet-union.proboards.com/index.cgi?board=general&action=display&thread=144&page=2]admitted[/3:url] to importing foreign votes to get ahead in the election... citing the lack of clear rules as a pre-text to manipulate honest elections. Though this is the case, we still can't determine which person/clone voted for who... which undermines the result of the election entirely. The full investigation report can be viewed here: http://soviet-union.proboards.com/index.cgi?board=politburogeneral&action=display&thread=150&page=1

After Goons attempted to steal the Russian premiership, it is distressing that the exact same goon tactics are using in our own fair and honest government elections. We are therefore going to hold fresh re-elections for the positions of Commissar of Foreign Affairs and Commissar of Defense with the same candidates and clear cut rules, and more water tight electoral process.
A separate forum will be created in which voters will have to register in a 2 step process.
The first step consists of registering to the forum with your eRepublik user name only. If it is a legitimate, existing profile which is not a multiple account it will be accepted into the forum.
The second step consists of giving that account registered voter status by an electoral committee. Each voter will need to post their profile page and the date they moved to Russia. The criteria for a legitimate Russian voter will be that they must be a Russian citizen (we will leave an exemption for the few Russians living in occupied Norway. This will be special voter status determined by the electoral committee). This will weed out goons who think they can manipulate the election results by simply moving to Russia.
The forum will be made tomorrow, along with an additional article reminding everybody to register there. The new election date for the two positions will be posted shortly, but roughly a weeks notice will be given.

Foreign Legion won the office of Commissar of Trade and Labor by a mere 1 vote. Because of the closeness of the race, both Foreign Legion and Kuolun have agreed to work closely together to run their government ministry. Kuolun has agreed to assume the position of Vice Commissar of Trade and Labor.

All who chose to run for office of economic directors won by default. Amon Amarth remains the Director for Public Welfare, Duncomrade has swapped positions to Director for General Logistics, and BrotherMe has taken the seat as Director for Public Works and Infrastructure.

Congressional Elections and potential Goon Threat

Although we have reason to believe that the goons will not attempt to invade Russia for the congressional election this coming Christmas, we are not taking any chances.
I have contacted the leader of the ATLANTIS alliance and President of the United States, Benn Dover, and he has agreed to make an article in his newspaper calling for support for Russia by sending members of ATLANTIS to Russia to help in the elections. Hopefully, we will get aid from other ATLANTIS countries which will curb the amount of potential seats the goons will claim if they choose to take the Russian congress.

Even though the election date is Christmas day, I'm calling on all people to take a few minutes to vote that day!

Reacquisition of our Russian Territories

I have received several calls to secure our additional Russian regions under Norwegian control. Although all would like to secure these regions, we have to think if securing these regions may compromise Russian security.
Right now, our two Russian regions provide resource bonuses in all raw materials, and now our wood, iron, and grain companies are pumping their resources into the manufacturing sectors. Gaining regions will expand congress seats and open up borders with other countries. The former is of more concern, as we need a higher active population to fill up the 30 congress seats.
We also currently do not have the amount of money necessary to liberate another region. An interesting candidate has come forward to liberating one of our regions: nemeiah, the leader of the Goon army who tried to take over the Russian premiership, has offered to liberate a region of our choice "so he can gain a resistance medal". The discussion regarding this preposition can be found at: http://soviet-union.proboards.com/index.cgi?board=generaldepcongress&action=display&thread=133

Christmas Vacation

I unfortunately must report that I am departing for two weeks for Christmas vacation. I will be leaving December 21st and will be returning January 4th - in time for the Presidential election so I may run for re-election of our glorious country.
I will be appointing Foreign Legion as Vice Primer of the Soviet Union. With the assistance of the CPSU, Soviet Congress, and Council of Peoples' Commissars, continue to run the politics and economics of our country smoothly. I will be prepping him this week so he is ready to take on the task.

That is all for this weeks report comrades. Stay tuned for reports regarding our formal plan for the construction of our socialist workers economy and updates regarding the new elections of Commissar positions.

Workers of the world, Unite!
Primer of the Soviet Union, General Secretary of the CPSU
Alexandr the Great
Alexandr the Great
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