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Проект Устава Конституционно-Демократической Партии

Вт Июл 28 2015, 02:54 автор Molodetz


Конституционно-демократической партии еРоссии (Constitutional Democrats)

Авторы: nimnul, Molodetz


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2. Основные цели Партии

3. Права Партии

4. Членство в Партии

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Low dumping prices must be real?

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Low dumping prices must be real?

Сообщение  Skittl в Чт Июн 24 2010, 18:47

First: Hello Smile
I can not speak Russian so I will write in English. I am an editor of a newspaper and I just wanted the latest articles, which also the first Article of mine is even imagine. It is about the Russian market and local prices.

Low dumping prices must be real?

If you take a look at the Russian arms market you have to wonder how much the workers earn for there.

Here is a sample calculation:
The weapons are sometimes sold for 1.60 RUB, iron for weapons q1 costs 0.21 RUB.
1:39 Stay So revenue per weapon, this revenue must still 0.08 RUB as investment or reserves are deducted. Remain so even 1.31 RUB profit per weapon. From 1.31 RUB per day would thus live a worker in a factory, if we take into account the views not private profit.

But how are we to live by 1.31 RUB if you can afford only one of them bread and then q3 so little money left, so you may not even be annoyed or a weapon is not drinne.
Such dumping prices are not good for the economy and not good for the employees.

It will be delivered daily to price wars are only the very top. But most people just buy their most fortunate, quite unconsciously, while promoting the dumping prices and the impoverishment of the workers.

This can not go on!

For if it should be continued, the economy will collapse of many states and chaos occurs.

So do not buy at dumping prices, but at reasonable prices in companies where the workers do not starve!

If you did you like this report interesting and perhaps well, I'd be very happy if you would vote for him and if you subscribe to my newspaper.




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